Where You’re Covered

Who makes this warranty?

This warranty is made and will be serviced by the Tire & Service Network provider who performed the repairs identified on the face of your repair invoice. This warranty will also be honored by any participating Tire & Service Network outlet nationwide,†† if you require warranty service 25 or more miles from the location where the warranted original service was performed.

This warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser, and the motor vehicle identified on the original repair invoice. It applies only during the warranty periods stated in the warranty brochure provided by the dealer at the time of purchase.

††Not all services are provided by all Tire & Service Network locations.

The Tire & Service Network Promise

We promise that our work will be performed to the highest professional standards. We promise to explain the cost and need for any repair we recommend.

We promise to protect your rights with a nationwide warranty.

Where You Can Obtain Warranty Service

If you experience a warranty-related problem, take the warranty brochure provided by the dealer at the time of purchase and your repair invoice to the Tire & Service Network provider that performed the service. If you are more than 25 miles from that location, you must go to the nearest Tire & Service Network outlet.

How to Find a Tire & Service Network Outlet

Not all Network providers are owned and operated by Goodyear®. Ask provider for details.

Find a Service Center

You can call 1-800-426-0733, toll-free, to find the nearest Tire & Service Network outlet. This service will identify the provider closest to your location. Should additional assistance be required, contact our Customer Assistance Center, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio 44316, at 1-800-321-2136.

General Warranty Info

Warranty Agreement - All Services ††

The Tire & Service Network outlets warrant that the performed repairs will be free from defects in material or workmanship for either 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, or the warranty periods for selected services as specifically outlined in the warranty brochure provided by the dealer at time of purchase.

If you experience a warranty-related problem with the repaired vehicle as a result of a defect in either workmanship or material during the warranty period, this Tire & Service Network provider will perform the repairs again, including parts and labor, under the terms of the warranty as outlined. Warranty repairs do not extend original warranty periods. In addition, if a vehicle is more than 25 miles from the original repair facility and requires being towed, a towing benefit on "Approved Claims" up to $50.00 will be applied. The Tire & Service Network Repair Outlet must call 1-800-426-0733 to obtain warranty authorization from the Warranty Administrator prior to any warranty repair being performed.

Warranty repair costs are covered up to the cost of the original repair.

IMPORTANT: Please keep the warranty brochure that was provided by the dealer at the time of purchase, along with your service invoice(s). These documents are required in order to exercise your warranty privileges.


Warranty period for lube, oil and filter change, transmission fluid exchange, coolant exchange, differential fluid exchange, brake fluid exchange, power steering fluid exchange, engine decarbonization, wiper blades, bulbs and air filter is 90 days or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first.

This warranty does not cover engine/transmission replacement, internal repairs, differentials, tires or batteries. Separate warranties are available for those products at the Tire & Service Network outlet where the original repair was performed.

This warranty does not apply to vehicles used commercially. Commercial vehicle repairs: 90 days/4,000 miles, whichever comes first.